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Apokalipsis CD 2018

Acclaim Records exclusively presents: 88 - "Apokalipsis" CD!
10 tracks and 4-th full-length album of 88! War NSBM Apocalypse over the race of ugly, rotten rats! Released on CD exclusively by Acclaim Records. 88 - Apokalipsis CD 201888 - Apokalipsis CD 2018
88 - Apokalipsis CD 201888 - Apokalipsis CD 2018

Black Metal Kampf CD 2017

Acclaim Records exclusively presents:
88 - "Black Metal Kampf" CD!
The NSBM War machine with third full-length album! Eight tracks with raw sound and uncompromising aggression! Lyrics against the mind enslavement and the plagues in our world. Released on CD exclusively by Acclaim Records. Official "Black Metal Kampf" T-shirt is also released!
88 - Black Metal Kampf CD
88 - Black Metal Kampf T-shirt

88 Early Years

Dirlewanger Division (Mexico) announces:
88 - "Early Years" Digipak Pro CD-r!
Five early tracks of War NS Black Metal released on this Pro CD-r. It comes inside 6 panel Digipak, limited to only 88 copies!
88 Early Years


Black Metal Cult records proudly presents:
GASKAMMER / XILENTIUM / 88 / TÖTENKREUZ / VISION OF ELDERS - "Wir nehmen Tod, Wir teilen Tod Aus" Split CD!
Split CD with 8 pages booklet, limited to 500 copies.
This release contains 20 tracks in total and 79 minutes of NSBM/RAC/PAGAN music. All tracks were composed and recorded in the time frame 2014-2017. This is first release ever for the bands TÖTENKREUZ and VISION OF ELDERS. New line up and new material recorded for XILENTIUM after long time of silence, celebrating 10 years of existence. GASKAMMER with five brand new tracks.
Black Metal Cult

88 - Failed Brainwasher

After two years of silence and one year since the last recording sessions, 88 celebrates 10th year anniversary with a new album!
The album title is "Failed Brainwasher" and contains 10 new tracks.
A Digipak version, limited to 500 copies will be released by Black Metal Cult records (USA).
Pro Tape version, limited to 200 copies will be released by Southern Plague records (Argentina).
88 - Failed Brainwasher

88 - Extermination for Them

The 2015 EP entitled "Extermination for Them" will be released on Pro Cassette Tape, in limited edition to 100 copies
by Iron Skull records (Portugal).
88 - Extermination for Them

88 - War Eagle

88 - "War Eagle" Out Now! Winter Solace productions (USA) released the first full-length album on CD, limited to 300 copies and Tape,
limited to 200 copies. We encourage you to order the releases directly from the label. More details you can find in the Release section of the website.
UAW T-shirt

"Ultimate Aryan Warfront" Official T-shirt, limited to 50 pieces was released by Satanic Records (Mexico).

The official 88 website is online and here you can find almost everything about the band. 
Another musical NSBM act related to 88 - GASKAMMER just released it's new album through
Black Metal Cult records. You can get more information from the websites.